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Some Important Facts about Me :)

  • The West Highland White Terrier is more affectionately known as the Westie.
  • The Westie is famous for his white face and sparkling eyes.
  • Developed in Argyllshire in the Scottish highlands, Westies were originally put to work as vermin hunters and exterminators.
  • The Westie is one of the Scottish breeds of terriers and comes from the same family group as the Cairn Terrier and Scottish Terrier.
  • The Westie is double-coated. His two-inch outer coat is straight and harsh to the touch, which protected him from adverse weather conditions while he hunted.
  • Maintaining the Westie's coat isn't hard at all. He rarely requires a shampooing and only needs professional clipping every few months.
  • Like all terriers, the Westie possesses a loud bark. Historically the Westie used his bark to alert his master of the location of pests. Today, the Westie's bark enables him to be an efficient guard dog.
  • The Westie is mischievous, spunky, affectionate, devoted, and extremely smart. He generally gets along well with other animals, and absolutely loves people!
  • West Highland White Terriers can detect movement at a greater distance than we can, but they can't see as well up close. The can also see better in less light, but can't distinguish many colors.
  • Dogs are omnivorous, which means they eat meat as well as vegetables.
  • Westies, like all dogs, can hear about four times better than we can, and they can hear high-pitched sounds especially well.
  • A Westie's nose is his greatest sensory organ.

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