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This was my first picture when we got home I'm 8 weeks old here Mommy gave me my first squeak toy My first stuffed animal This is my Daddy holding me
Zooming in for my closeup Knock yourself out Mom, I'm chewing mmmm this one taste good All this excitement has knocked me out Ok Mom, I'll be still
Do these people ever get tired of taking pictures I tried hiding in the bathtub and they still find me Might as well chew on something while I'm in here...mmmm This is my Mommy My Dad is a Cop and he has neat cop cars I get to play in!
Soon I will learn to drive this thing This was my First Snow, boy it was cold You can't even see me in the white snow and they are still taking pictures Hey look I can make paw prints I'm going to steal Daddy's towel
Does this Barbie come with more outfits?? Am I cute or what??? Do we have to take another one? I'm ready for bed Ok Mom I'll pose for one more picture and that is it I loved my first Halloween, had alot of fun!
There has to be something in here to chew on! I fit just right in moms sewing desk! I love to look out the 2nd Story Window! Me & Mom on my First Thanksgiving, got my first taste of Turkey it was MMMMMMMMM! Looking cute for mommy
Me & Dad, Mommy took the pic with her new camera! These are my favorite chew sticks, Mommy makes sure we never run out! Someday I will be able to jump this! My Mommy & Granny took me to see Santa, he kinda scared me! Me, Granny and Papaw during my visit in Texas!

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